group fitness class

At CORE, we add a twist to the HardCORE workout – we make it fun! We customize challenging workouts for each and every group fitness class and blend them with music and energy to create a unique fitness experience. We believe in switching things up so you don’t get bored and your body doesn’t know what to expect next. Our goal of keeping your body guessing leads to endless results and zero plateaus. You will look your best and feel confident any time, all year long!

The number of participants is limited in each class so you get the individual attention you need while being energized by the group environment. Commit to 2-3 times a week and we promise you’ll see the results!!

Equipment varies and includes: TRX suspension trainers, Bosu, dumbbells, kettle bells, tires, sledgehammers, sleds, battle ropes, medicine balls, punching bags and more!

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Class Descriptions

Balls & Bells
D.I.G. (Determination. Intensity. Guts.)
D.I.G. Circuit
D.I.G. Duel
D.I.G. Trifecta
D.I.G./TRX Combo
Hip Hop Sculpting
Strength & Conditioning
Sunday Special
The Challenge